Gifts for you is committed in keeping your personal information private. We condone the idea of distributing, selling or renting any personal information. To ensure that you are able to shop with us confidently and without any doubt, the following privacy policy sets out how your personal information is managed by us.


Our site uses cookies to ensure that your shopping experience is a comfortable one. A cookie is a small file of information which the website stores onto your computer. This file contains information which you have shared with the website. This file is what allows the website to remember you and your details. Cookies are not harmful in nature and is website unique (cannot be accessed by another website). Our website uses cookies for security purposes. Please ensure that cookies are enabled in the privacy tab of your browser settings to allow the website to operate as intended. 


For us to provide a comfortable online shopping experience, we may ask you to provide the necessary personal information. This includes, but not restricted to; your name, age (date of birth), gender preference, contact details (phone number and/or email), address and credit card details. Gifts for you will only ask for personal information which will allow us to provide the best service we can.

When you provide personal information (name, date of birth, etc), you consent to Gifts for you to use and disclose this information for purposes specific to you. This may include but not restricted to:

  • Proof of identity during item collection

  • Any purpose where it is required by law.

As Gifts for you consists of 3 stores, your personal information may be disclosed between stores. However, it will only be used for the sole purposes in which it was collected. We may disclose non-personal information to suppliers and/or partners for aggregated reports. We will not say that you bought an item, but how many of an item was sold in general.​

Using any social media link on this website may result in your IP address being collected and cookies may be set for the visiting site. The use of these social media sites is out of Gifts for you's control and is governed by the policy stated within said social media site. Ensure that you agree with their own privacy policy before accessing it.

We have our own Facebook page where customers can use. As this is a public page, Gifts for you has no control over who uses the information posted onto the page. If you wish to have a post removed, please contact us at (07) 3219 3855.


Gifts for you reserves the right to revise and modify this privacy policy in order to comply with any applicable laws. You agree to periodically check the privacy policy for any updates each time personal information is submitted. If an update is made, there will be a notice on the website, facebook and an email will be sent out if you are subscribed.